Cargo Transport and GPS Tracking

The annual logistics industry size in India is estimated to be about 14% of the GDP. Taking 2013 GDP estimate of USD 1.9 trillion, the size of the industry can easily cross Rs. 10 lakh Crores. Growth is being driven by a multitude of sectors like infrastructure development to online retail.



The global growth in logistics industry at present is about 10%. The Indian growth becomes even more staggering when we consider the fact that Indian GDP is growing at an average of 7-8%, against world GDP growth of 3%. Seeing this phenomenal growth and the immense potential still unrealized, many international logistics companies have set up operations in India. These companies with their sophisticated management methods and world class equipment have brought about a new level of professionalism and customer focus in the logistics industry. The customer's expectation has continuously risen and it has been consistently met by these enterprises. The Indian logistics entrepreneurs are also showing staunch determination to stand up in the face of MNC competition and rising customer expectations. They are rapidly infusing capital in their businesses to scale up the quality of their equipment and fine tune their fleet management practices. However, in the Indian scenario, the challenges of running world class logistics operation is more in detailed planning and meticulous execution than in higher quality equipment and infrastructure. While acquiring equipment are relatively straight forward - thanks to easily available finance, improving in the planning and execution areas are tricky and resource intensive. Designing a flawless plan requires access to detailed information on the operation and successful execution needs continuous monitoring. The information stream in the logistics industry originates from the grass-root level equipment operators and is often vague to outright incorrect. This hinders effective planning and makes flawless execution next to impossible. The awareness for the need of real time tracking of moving assets and consignments are increasing rapidly among all categories of industry participants. This is further facilitated by the continuously decreasing cost of information technology infrastructure. Indian IT industry has started offering economical solutions for micro industry players. Discussions and deliberations on implementing Free Trade Agreements (FTA) between India and major electronic exporting countries are already in progress and once implemented will bolster the industry even further. Roadmatics i-Logistek brings together the excellence of Indian Information technology and cutting edge electronic hardware from Southeast Asia and Europe to offer comprehensive and economical logistics information systems to Indian logistics businesses. The system is designed after careful study of Indian market dynamics and preferences. To stay competitive and relevant, a continuous organic up gradation program based purely upon customer feedback is put in place since the inception of the system. The major strength of i-Logistek is its modular design and customization friendly architecture. It can be economical and simple enough for a single truck owner, and at the same time can be scaled to a comprehensive and robust ERP compatible solution to serve a 5000+ fleet.

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