Five stages of GPS Implementation

We execute the implementation of Roadmatics GPS system as a five phase program. The implementation program covers everything from requirement assessment to end user training. The program is optimized for fastest roll out and easiest user adaptation.



Phase One - Comprehensive need analysis 

Every business is different from the other, much the same way every human being is unique. The processes which seem similar to the casual observer may throw up a very different set of challenges when analyzed deeply. We carry out a number of interviews and brainstorming sessions with our clients and their fleet management and operation teams to understand their real needs and existing ground reality. 


Phase Two - Solution preparation 

Based on the needs ascertained in phase one, we advise our technical and implementation teams towards a tailor-made custom fit solution. During this process we revisit our interviewees of Phase One several times to ensure zero gap between the problem and solution domain.


Phase Three - Cost Analysis

After the completion of phase two, we do a cost benefit analysis for the client and present him with a number of solution approaches. Client then chooses a configuration suitable for him. We are constantly available in this phase to provide any additional information or clarification that the client may need. 


Phase Four - Deployment 

The device installation is carried out by experienced technicians under stringent supervision to ensure strictest quality standards. After successful installation of the devices, a comprehensive load testing is carried out in the back end system to ensure everything is functioning properly. In case of any snag being spotted, it is resolved and the whole system is retested. After we ensure everything is working as needed, we conduct a pilot test with the user to further ensure that everything works as per users expectations. 


Phase Five - Training 

Once the system is ready for use, a comprehensive training is imparted to those who would operate the system. Detailed user manuals are supplied during the training program for future ease of reference. Upon completion of training, the participants are asked to take small tests to ensure thorough understanding of the system.

If requested, we also train client's chosen electricians on basic wiring connections of the device.




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