Keeping Cars safe is simple

During the last decade, India has seen a fantastic growth in the automobile industry. While at one end of the market new low cost cars are introducing many families to this weather proof means of travel, at the other end the latest and best in the world automotive scene are vying for the attention of the Indian aficionados Using a car, which has long been perceived as a luxury in our country, has now become a need.


This phenomenal growth in automobile industry has not only benefited the car manufacturer and buyers, it has also drawn the unwelcome attention from a completely different class of people – the car thieves. One almost never finishes a day without hearing about a fresh instance of car theft, especially in the metros. New gangs are sprouting up every day with ever evolving methods of operation. Costlier is your car, smoother is their modus operandi.


The problem has gone up to such a level that certain metro police departments have initiated specialized car theft prevention cells. Delhi Police have even rolled out a web page and city wide campaign among car owners to make them aware about various means to prevent car theft.


While theft alone is a pervasive worry for owners, those who employ drivers have a whole another set of problems to deal with. Very few are lucky enough to find a disciplined driver who stays in the job for a long time and can be relied upon. For the rest of us, car misuse by our drivers is a frequent incident and basis for numerous heated arguments leading to firings.


While some drivers limit the misuse up to using the stereo and air conditioner in parking lots, some venture out even further to make some small money by ferrying passengers. Empty cars picking up passengers on the way back from airports are a common sight in all cities. Stealing fuel from the car or under fueling used to be a rampant practice earlier and still prevails in small pockets around the country.


All this combines into a constant bother for us. Our dream car, purchased with hard-earned money soon becomes a source of worry and trouble rather than transporting us into motoring nirvana.


And, if god forbid, the car is stolen – one has to spend six months following up with the police to declare the car as unrecoverable and then the next half year following up with insurance company for claiming the loss. And even when the claim is received, it reflects the depreciated value of the car - which can seldom fetch us a car similar to the one we lost.


Although the problem is complicated and all pervasive, thanks to latest telematics technology, the solution to this is neither complex nor expensive.


Roadmatics GPS Tracking is a comprehensive solution designed to effectively address these challenges by combining the latest satellite monitoring technology and flexible remote access software. It is a simple but immensely powerful and almost tamper-proof system which does just the job - lean, mean & fast.


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