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Telematics is the technology of sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices and using such information for practical day to day purposes through an intelligent information processing system. The success of such a technology depends on a variety of factors.



The most important aspects of a high performance GPS Tracking setup are - 

  • High quality electronic device for procuring accurate information with minimum lag
  • Robust telecommunication system and minimal ratio of signal shadow area
  • Powerful information system to process the information procured from electronic devices in real time
  • Intelligent system architecture to handle ground level implementation challenges
  • Configurable and modular design to easily tailor the system to meet varying needs
  • Methodical implementation techniques to enable users to comprehensively understand and use the system
  • Continuous refinement program to keep the system ahead by vigorously collecting user feedback and deep scrutiny of every malfunction or failure


Roadmatics engages a large portion of its resources towards continuous research in the application domain to keep its offerings up to date and ahead of evolving ground realities. 

A continuous search program is put in place to find out the best and latest in electronic hardware technology available worldwide. This enables us to always offer best performance and unbeatable value for money to our clients. The electronic hardware available today from South East Asia, Japan and Continental Europe exhibit best in class performance and are available at very affordable prices. We conduct thorough and careful study to select only those pieces of equipment which possess global quality standard certifications, offer the best performance and can also withstand the harsh environment and usage conditions in India. 

Although United States pays almost one third of the worldwide logistics cost, the biggest setup of international freight movers can be found in Continental Europe. Most of the large internal logistics operators are headquartered in Europe. Hence, this region has naturally evolved to be the nerve center of all the major innovations and advancements in the logistics business. We have scouted around the Continent to enlist a Logistics Information Systems vendor who has been chosen as the preferred IT vendor by many large logistics operators. The Information system is in use for last seven years and has been refined and upgraded continuously by incorporating feedback from a vast array of international users. Every day forty thousand vehicles and vessels all over the world carrying cargo worth about a billion US dollars are under control 24/7 thanks to this information system. 

The application development, hosting environment and hardware technologies used to set up and support our information system are all examples of bleeding edge innovations in the relevant fields. 

The system architecture and solution designs are created after very thorough market research and user survey. Roadmatics brings its in house capabilities here to ensure the solutions on offer comprehensively solves the challenges at the ground level and at the same time be agile and user friendly for quick and seamless integration into existing practices of a business. 

Refinement, optimization and up gradation are main activities at Roadmatics. Issues at the ground level continuously evolve and throw up new challenges. At the same time newer, better and cheaper technologies are being developed across the world. Our relentless commitment to make our offerings the best in the market and to keep our users ahead of their competition enables us to present ourselves as a company which stays fresh and agile at all time.


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