Pocket GPS

Pocket GPS is an amazing small gadget which is as useful in everyday life as it is everyday work. It can keep your loved ones always within an envelop of security, it can help a field workforce coordinate quicker and work faster or it can watch your valuables in transit. Any operation which needs people or valuable items travel from place to place needs this to ensure tractability and accountability. 

  • Event Management
  • Field Workforce Coordination
  • Field Surveys
  • Co-ordinate your people smoothly and accurately
  • Estimate accurate ETAs for dynamic dispatches
  • Simple one screen view of all your resources
  • Simple monitoring system to ensure accountability
  • Easy to use accurate Daily Visit Reports
  • Customized MIS formats to match your practices
  • Efficient dispatch by easily finding the nearest person for the job
  • Keep track record for the path surveyed
  • Easily mark survey points with relevant information tags
  • One click survey report with all your location tags

Children & Elderly


Know where your child is at all times

Watch movement of your elderly

Essential for psychriatic patients

Valuable Items


Compatible with any goods

Configurable tracking duration

Watch your goods move