GPS Enabled School Buses

School buses carry the most precious cargo of all - our children. Roadmatics GPS School Bus app brings safety and transparency in school bus movement. It offers great convenience and peace of mind to parents while helps school authorities maintain school bus punctuality. For every working parents who have children going to school, this app brings comfort and peace like nothing else. 




  • Safety
  • Transparency
  • Disaster Management
  • Real time speed monitoring
  • Watch severe lane jumping and narrow overtaking
  • Monitor if bus takes diversion
  • Increase driver awareness
  • Direct real time movement updates
  • Real time information to parents
  • Trip records stored and maintained
  • Reduce anxiety, increase happiness
  • Detect problmatic situation quicker
  • Direct medical and emergency help to site immediately
  • Pinpointed location information to help coordination
  • Review operations periodically to identify potential hazards and plan to avoid

SMS to Parents


Direct SMS to Parents mobile in real time

5 minutes before Bus arrives to house

As soon as bus reaches school or leaves school

Punctuality and time saving for everyone 

Acabus App


Simple user friendly app for Parents

Use from Mobile or Computer

Live bus movement with digital map

Student information, pickup & drop off time, bus details