GPS Tracking System Architecture


The system consists of three major parts - Electronic Tracking Hardware, Central Processing Server and End user interface. Real time web application and internet of things technologies bind these three elements together to bring live action from the road to the user located anywhere in the world.


Electronic Tracking Hardware

This is an electronic device installed (normally in a concealed manner) in the vehicle. The device contains four main modules -

GPS Module

This module communicates with the GPS satellite constellation and determines its latitude, longitude and time of triangulation.

Sensor Module

This module communicates with various parts of the vehicle and determines various status parameters like engine on/off, fuel content in the tank, ac on/off and many such similar events.

GPRS Modem

This module transmits the data gathered by the GPS and Sensor modules with a time stamp to a predefined server. It also receives commands from the server and sends instruction to the actuator module

Actuator module

This module executes the instructions received from the fleet manager, like - vehicle immobilization, blowing horn, locking-unlocking doors etc.

We offer the latest CE certified hardware technology from Continental Europe and South east Asia built with cutting-edge industry standard components. All our devices are equipped with Class 10 GPRS module and 20+ channel Star III GPS chipsets. The devices offer options of connecting fuel sensors, immobilizers and internal actuator logic. The devices are equipped with internal memory and power supply to deal with emergency situations. 


Central Processing Server 

This system is central to the whole architecture, which stores and processes all incoming and outgoing information. The server system holds the device communication module, client information systems, business logic, databases and map information. Our system is currently in its third generation and has been running for 5 years. It is implemented by more than 500 companies worldwide. The software is developed and maintained with assistance from European logistics experts in a state of the art infrastructural environment.

The business logic and application modules are coded using the latest asynchronous web application technologies. The aggregate system runs on industry standard LMAP (Linux/ MySQL/Apache/PHP) environment. 

Our Data Centre is established in with a prominent and reliable player in the industry. Historical data shows that we have been up and available 99% for past 5 years. For critical applications, we can also use hot backup servers.

Each of our stack servers is powered by latest quad core processors and 16GB RAM. Each individual server can easily handle 20000 simultaneous machines without any noticeable performance degradation. 


End User Interface

The end user interface is a web based module accessible to users over the internet. This module presents the data received and processed by the central server in a user friendly and lucid manner. A user can fetch all information available on the system in a simple user friendly format and perform all available operations through this module. 

The End user interface of our system is designed with the bleeding edge front end technologies. It is completely operating system independent and can run on any computer or mobile with an internet connection and web browser. 

Along with the web based interface, we also offer a smartphone interface for out of office usage. This interface enables users to fetch all information pertaining to the fleet and issue basic system commands from the browser of any GPRS enable mobile phone.


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