Heavy Equipment Activity Monitoring

Roadmatics GPS enabled equipment activity monitoring system brings accountability and transparency in every equipment renting business. The ability to monitor live action from centralized control desk helps the productivity and efficiency for all kinds of construction equipment like concrete mixers, cranes, earth movers, infrastructure development equipment, road layers and movable engineering equipment. 


  • Find your Equipment
  • Customized Sensors
  • Prevent Equipment Misuse
  • Location monitoring to ensure Equipment is where it is supposed to be
  • Prevent unauthorized shunting
  • Satellite maps help you where no roads exist
  • Custom Electronic sensors to monitor equipment operations
  • Mechanotronic sensors for Mechanically actuated systems
  • On-Off and Running duration reports from all sensors combined for easy analysis
  • Prevent usage above agreed duty cycle
  • Monitor unauthorized shunting to different work area
  • Match operator report and System report to find areas of potential problem

Monitor Duty Hours


Main Engine On-Off Alerts

Running duration report

Main Action duty hours report

Maintain Health


Monitor Engine Temperature

Prevent Equipment Abuse

Stop usage above rated capacity